Estate Tiffany & Co. Antique SS Olympian Pie Server

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From our Estate collection, this pie server is a Tiffany & Co. design made in sterling silver. This piece is dated by the letter "M", signifying that it was produced under the director, John C. Moore from 1902-1947 and designed by Antone Heller. This pie server has an intricately detailed handle depicting the third motif in this pattern, which is Paris, the son of Priam, presenting to Venus the golden apple. The back of this server has a depiction of Venus, while the back of the handle is emblazoned  with a coat of arms. This piece features a lovely serrated blade. It is not monogrammed and is in excellent condition.  This server measures 11.375" long x 2.35" wide and weighs 107.35dwt




Style:Art Deco

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