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(Yes, the prices are that good!)

20% Cash Bonus

Better Prices

Receive our offer, plus a 20% Cash Bonus. Alternative option of a 30% bonus gift certificate toward your next purchase at Walter Bauman Jewelers. Sell your unwanted jewelry and use the proceeds to buy your new favorite, upgraded piece. Offers are made at no cost or obligation to the seller.

Immediate payment on accepted offers

Better Service

Walter Bauman Jewelers offers the highest credentials, knowledge and length of experience in jewelry buyback. We buy estate & designer jewelry, luxury watches & diamonds. Nothing is too big or too small.

Our expert buying specialist will evaluate your jewelry, in any condition, and pay the highest prices possible so that you can take that special vacation, invest in a new statement piece, start a college fund, or get that much needed cash.

Book Appointment with buying specialist

Better Prices

Cash in now on your unwanted jewelry by booking an appointment with an expert buying specialist at Walter Bauman Jewelers. Sell your jewelry in any condition.