Estate 7.30ct Triangle Cut Blue Topaz Loose Gemstone

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Make your mark with this majestic 7.3ct triangle cut blue topaz gemstone! This gem is sure to bring a twinkle to your eye that nothing else can. From the office to special occasions, make sure you're always looking dapper with a gem that'll have everyone talking. So dazzle 'em with this precious gem - it's sure to be the gem of the party!


One loose Triangle cut natural Blue Topaz.

One triangle modified step cut natural blue topaz, measuring 24.35 x 11.34 x 4.56mm, exact weight 7.30ct., clarity is slightly included, medium light, strong, greenish blue color, (GIA gB 4/5), cut is very good.

This stone has very minor surface abrasions

Retail Replacement Value $ 146.00

This estate piece comes with two customized copies of the Walter Bauman Jewelers appraisal, available upon request.

Clarity:Slightly Included
Cut:Very Good

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