Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry ULTRA -Soft Polishing Cloth



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Introducing the Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry ULTRA-Soft Polishing Cloth; the must-have accessory for a dazzlingly radiant look! Perfect for silver jewelry lovers, this luxurious polishing cloth will quickly buff away any dullness and make your special pieces shine. Get ready to turn heads!


Silver Jewelry Exclusive Anti-tarnish Formula Two-Cloth Dry-Cleaning System

- Inner Cloth Cleans, Outer Cloth Polishes

Also Excellent for Watches

The cloth used to make Connoisseurs Ultra-soft Polishing Cloths is made with 100% natural cotton fiber. A renewable resource. Maintains the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval


Full Size - 11 x 14 or 28 x 35.

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