Estate SS Antique Tiffany & Co. Acorn Salt & Pepper Shakers

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From our Estate collection, these salt and pepper shakers are a Tiffany & Co. design made in sterling silver. These shakers are dated by the letter "M", signifying that they were produced under the director, John C. Moore from 1902-1947. One of these shakers is marked: Tiffany & Co Makers, STERLING, 22690, M, star mark, 10 ; the other is marked: Tiffany & Co Makers, STERLING, 22690, M, star mark, 7. These shakers measure 4.65" tall x 1.84" wide, have removable tops that expose a 2.29" x 1" cavity for seasonings, have acorn crests on their tops, and weigh 118.50dwt

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