Estate 67.74ct Carved Lotus Jadeite Loose Gemstone

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Experience pure tranquility with Estate 67.74ct Carved Lotus Jadeite Loose Gemstone - the perfect accessory for those moments when you just need some zen. Lovingly carved with a lotus flower and leaf motif, this gorgeous gemstone is a harmony of beauty and peace. Bring a splash of serenity to your jewellery collection!


One loose carved double sided Jadeite pendant. The piece is carved on both sides in a Lotus Flower and Leaf motif. The stone exhibits evidence of dying. The Jadeite has light Lavender body color with Green "Moss in Snow" areas.

One carved Jadeite, measuring (48.79 x 31.59) 4.89mm, exact weight 67.74ct. with very light tone, visible contrast, semi translucent, medium polish and medium finish.

Retail Replacement Value $ 50.00

This estate piece comes with two customized copies of the Walter Bauman Jewelers appraisal, available upon request.

Clarity:Severely Included
Cut:Very Good

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