Estate 18.47ct Em. Cut Citrine Loose Gemstone

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Looking for something to add some energy to your life? Look no further than the Estate 18.47ct Em. Cut Citrine! With its sunny yellow hue, it's sure to give you your daily dose of citrusy(!) sparkles! Citrine's known to bring success, prosperity and good luck - making it your perfect gemstone sidekick!

One loose Emerald cut natural Citrine Quartz.

One emerald modified step cut natural citrine quartz, measuring 17.55 x 15.04 x 9.99mm, exact weight 18.47ct., clarity is eye clean, medium, slightly brownish, yellow color, (GIA Y 5/2), cut is very good.

This stone has very minor wear

Retail Replacement Value $ 300.00

This estate piece comes with two customized copies of the Walter Bauman Jewelers appraisal, available upon request.

Clarity:Eye Clean
Cut:Very Good
Treatment:Not Enhanced

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